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Childcare Directors Chair

I'm Erica Saccoccio, the creator of the childcare director's chair and I wanted to take a minute to inform you about who I am. I started in the childcare industry about twenty-three years ago. Since the beginning, I've held every position from an after-school van driver to a teacher in the classroom. I have also been an assistant director, a school-age director, and an early childhood director. I've also been the Vice President of someone else's center and now owner and operator of three locations that I opened with my sister Christine. On any given day, we could have 250 students and fourty-two staff members present. I'm very familiar with accreditation quality rating systems, licensing, and advocacy, I'm a proud member of the Rhode Island Nace Branch. I have put together workshops. Oh, my! For like the last fifteen to twenty years I have spoken at many conferences. My favorite topics include leadership, women, empowerment, startup businesses, creating amazing work, coaching, and running a day-to-day operation. To be forward, I just honestly love business. But hands down, childcare is my favorite business. I know 'childcare' is a taboo word in the industry, but I use it loosely just to encompass all of the different types of programs and philosophies. Enough about me, I want you to share a little bit about you. Please share in the comments below because we are composing this channel for you, the business owner, or the person who just wants to become better at working at a daycare. We would love to hear from you! The childcare director's chair channel is for you if you are: a director who currently is directing but may be experiencing some challenges or maybe you're seasoned, but you would like to learn a little bit more about day-to-day operations. Lastly, maybe you're a lead or a lead teacher in your program and are interested with how you're able to move into an assistant director position, director position, or maybe even ownership. If you're a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher who has great skills and flexibility and would like to use your skills in and outside of the classroom, this channel will also benefit you.

Grow your Childcare Business with 20 years of Expertise

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