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Are you creating random and inconsistent social media posts? Are you still dropping obsolete flyers off at random public locations? Maybe even utilizing the local diner's placemat? This method is not a marketing plan. You are creating a lot of work for yourself without significant results. Creating a marketing plan is often one of the most creative and inspriing documents you will make for your business. It is also one of the most necessary. Keep in mind, it must be well thought out and have a good mix of the products and services you offer. Pay extra special attention to the time of year such as advertising for Mother's Day. Advertising bouquet flowers three days before Mother's Day will not maximize your sales for a holiday. When done correctly, a marketing plan will generate new leads focused on your target market, share your brand with the world, and shower your current customers with love and appreciation. Marking plans include your public relations campaigns, sales and discount offers, product releases, new hires, company expansion, and other news you want to share with your customers. This will aid in keeping them engaged with your business and draw attention to your products and services. Your marketing plan is used in conjunction with the marketing strategy outlined in your business plan. SBC can help you with many aspects of your marketing plan; from planning your one-year marketing plan to planning the mixture of social, video, website, events, loyalty programs, and more. If you are ready to stop going in circles, contact us for a free half-hour session. We will discuss your marketing goals and how we can get you on your way to increased sales, bookings, and customer engagement.
There are many aspects to consider when creating an effective marketing plan but here are a few things to get you started:


Parts of a Marketing Plan

Market Research

Target Market

Public Relations



Marketing Strategies

Mission Statement

Direct sales






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