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Are you spinning your wheels trying to increase the sales of your products or services? Are sales running flat, or just cant not figure out why some of your team is excelling with higher closing rates than others? If so, why not try a different approach and let SBC help you improve your and your team's sales techniques to help you build your bank account? With years of sales training and experience, Erica has a proven track record of hitting sales goals monthly and yearly. Our intensive sales coaching program will cover many aspects of sales. This program will first include a review of your retail or online space, taking a deeper look into your product mix and pricing, merchandising, turnover rates, vendor selection, and vendor relationships. Secondly, we want to ensure you are selling the right products at the right price to make you a profit. We then will work on staff training, phone scripts, how to conduct tours of your business, or website ease of use. Look at external factors such as your business's curb appeal, marketing strategy, and use to increase traffic and frequency. Create a loyalty program to enhance customer retention and anticipate your customer's needs together; we will discuss how to upsell and bundle items. We will demonstrate how to read customer body language, listen to hot buttons during conversations, and know what to say when encountering objections and obstacles. Lastly, to wrap up your sales program, you must articulate and understand your products and services better than anyone else in your market. You will gain the skills needed to point out all the benefits and features of the products you sell and the several steps to a sales funnel to keep sales and new customer inquiries on autopilot.



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