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Yes, strategy!!! Strategy is one of our favorite services here at SBC. Strategic planning is one of the most effective ways we have found to grow our own business over the past ten years. Our company holds strategic planning meetings yearly. Our philosophy believes that strategic planning not only moves your company forward but also gives your employees a clear vision of where your company is heading. It also allows them to visualize their future within your company. Let's face it, you can sit in a luxurious office and make every decision for your company alone, but without buy-in, proper execution will not happen. If you Google strategic planning, you will see many different models and versions of this process. It is a process where we will evaluate where your company is today, where your company is headed for tomorrow and how we will know when are moving in the right direction. We will also encapsulate how we will know when we have arrived at that destination, what steps we will take to achieve our goals, visions, and mission. Typically, an SBC strategic planning meeting is very interactive and can run from five to eight hours. Please note this is contingent upon the number of staff, breaks, video, photography, and additional activities we add to your package. 


Strategic Planning Includes








We will focus on the following:

Purpose, goals, internal and external factors, SWOT, and strategy. If you are ready to make significant strides forward for 2023, this is the service to book now!! 



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