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You will make many business and administrative decisions daily as an entrepreneur, business owner, or part of your company's leadership team. As a leader, everyone on your team is counting on you to share your vision, goals, and mission, along with the path you will take to get there together. Working with an SBC leadership coach will get you into the right mindset to take the reins and lead. We are an empathetic sounding board offering leadership advice supported by years of expertise and formal leadership education. Our goal is to help you build your self-confidence and skill set to so you can clearly envision where you see yourself as a leader now and in the future. SBC will support you through the process with a tailored, individualized development plan to help you get the results to meet your short and long-term goals. Clients in our program will receive 1-on-1 coaching bi-weekly for a selected period to be determined with each client based on their needs, goals, and progress. Your coach will hold you accountable and adjust your program as needed to keep you moving toward your leadership goals.


Benefits YOU will gain from this leadership program

  • Confidence

  • Learn how to grow from constructive criticism and take feedback to launch your success

  •  Develop valuable people skills that will help you master staff and customer retention

  •  Become a more effective leader in your company and your community

  •  Gain skills to grow and scale your business or pursue additional leadership opportunities 

  • Improve your communication skills, which are critical in all aspects of life

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