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Be The Next Scroll Stopper

It’s the Christmas season and you’re heading to your favorite beauty store. Upon arrival you’re greeted by bright lights, perfectly arranged inventory – scent, color, and style and the large assortment of products. There are product testers for every scent. You gravitate towards the vanilla gingerbread hand lotion and squeeze a small amount into the palm of your hand. You manipulate it between your fingers and the backs of your hands. It smells just as good as the product packaging depicts. You instantly add it to the empty cart cradled in your elbow. I didn’t even mention the store and you know exactly where you are.

As consumers we shop with our five senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. How are we able to accomplish that with on-line shopping? The answer is simple, product photography. Photos need to fulfill the void of all the senses to be successful. Before you even have to reach up on top of your head to put your reading glasses on, you’ll see the product for what it is in the photo. Product photography helps build brand reputation, it allows you as a business owner to outshine your competition and tells a story to your consumer. Folks who shop online are more than likely to buy a product that tells a story and develops a connection. Good photos grab your attention, but great ones keep your attention and generate the sale. Be sure that your products are scroll stopper worthy. Choosing the right background for contrast, the right amount of lighting to encapsulate the product, and the surrounding scenery all plays a significant role in grabbing the consumers attention and keeping them engaged. Consistency with product photography is equally important because it helps build trust with your customers. Why should someone be investing in your product? You must be worth the purchase.

Don’t be afraid to cast a reel and seek out a lifeline. We are not all natural born photographers and that’s okay. Reach out to experts to help you create beautiful images for your website. Here at Stellar Business Concepts our media expert, Derek, has over three years experience with product photography. He will ensure a 360 view of all your products for your website development. Don’t delay, book your consultation appointment and be scroll stopper worthy with our photography and videography services.

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