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Build Yourself a Sandcastle – Don’t Bury Yourself in the Sand.

Building vendor relationships is crucial while running your own business. It’s a mutual understanding between a buyer and a supplier who work together to supply or provide a quality product, service or experience, accomplish realistic goals, all while establishing a sense of trust.

It's important to establish a mutual understanding and growth opportunity of your brand with your vendors to create the best experience for your business. You want your brand to have a strong foundation and be exclusive to your journey. This experience is like constructing a sandcastle. Think back to a time when you last visited the beach. The most successful foundation for a sandcastle required great quality shovels and pails, unlimited amounts of water and sand, and your determination to see the plan all the way through. Once all your materials were put in place, you became engrossed in your craftsmanship and meticulous responsibilities. Building this relationship with your vendor is a sim