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Does your small business have a Super Bowl ring?

When you think of the New England Patriots who comes to mind first? I'm going to bet Tom Brady. He's the recipient of five Super Bowl rings with the franchise, 541 touchdowns and over 74,000 passing yards in his career with the Pats. His career is admired by many and he has contributed many thanks to his long term coach, Bill Belichick. Would Brady's career have been successful without the coaching expertise of Belichick and his strategic planning? Anything is possible but let's face it, it takes two to Tango.

Having a business coach is equally as important for your business. A business coach will keep you accountable when you're feeling pulled in multiple directions, help you attain your goals, keep you organized, assist with your business plan, and give unbiased insight to help reach your short and long term goals with your business.

Erica Saccoccio, the co-owner of Stellar Busin