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Let’s rewind those VHS tapes and bring ourselves back to a time when the internet was still being discovered. In 2005, the world known platform, YouTube, was in its beginning stages. Not to be confused with tubes for your televisions, YouTube was and still is a social media platform that allows its users to upload video content for entertainment, informative purposes, and cats. We might be embellishing about the cat thing, but if you know, you know. In a decade, YouTube went from zero subscribers to ONE BILLION. There’s no changing that dial!

The most recent data shows that there are 2.6 billion users on YouTube. It’s ranked second in social media platform standings. Facebook is the only other platform that surpasses YouTube with 2.8 billion users.

YouTube is a great platform to help content creators get exposure. It’s also great for small businesses to gain exposure, appeal to their target audience, generate revenue, and network. Our podcast, Practical BizZ Podcast is a channel on YouTube that allows viewers and subscribers to not only listen to our business advice, but also watch our host Erica Saccoccio and our extraordinary guests to put faces to their names and offer a more intimate viewing experience.

Practical BizZ Podcast is currently funded by sponsorships. All of our guests have had the wonderful opportunity to have their episodes recorded for free and in return join our cohort of networking-based relationships and fueled by reciprocation. Our goal is to reach 1,000 YouTube subscribers so we can apply to the YouTube Partnership Program. This will not only help our subscribers receive the content they are seeking, but it will grant us the opportunity to monetize our videos with ads. This will help keep the overhead down, and the cost for our guests remain free.

Subscribing to our YouTube channel also benefits our viewers. Subscriptions are kept in a separate place on the platform for easy viewing and access. Our subscribers will also be notified immediately when new content is published, you’ll never miss an episode. Another benefit is the algorithm will recognize and prioritize the type of content you’re subscribed to and keep it relevant in your feed. Lastly, it will help support your favorite content creators and small businesses get the exposure and financial support they need at zero cost to you!

For more information on how you can help grow our channel, please visit and remember to hit that subscribe button! As a thank you, we promise we’ll sneak in a cat video for old time’s sake.

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