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SEOs are the new CEOs

We live in a society where we want everything yesterday. Instant gratification has been our normalcy for over two decades. From online shopping with next day delivery, grocery shopping with a click of a button, or simply submitting the next big blog that's going to make you millions. (Wishful thinking here.) I know you're asking yourself, "how does this play a role with the success of my business?" Well, we're glad you asked.

SEOs, or short engine optimization, are digital keywords that can be included on your website that will allow you to expand your brand's visibility on the World Wide Web. It provides an extensive opportunity to convert qualified prospects visiting your site and turn them into customers.

When searching for a product or service online we often seek out to Google for the quickest and most accurate search. If potential clients cannot find your website, or keywords don't provoke a prompting of your website on the first page, chances are your business will be overlooked. Consumers rarely, if ever, browse through subsequent pages on Google searches. It's important to use digital marketing and SEOs to keep the traffic heading to business' websites as organic and strategic as possible. We know the more traffic brought to a website is linked to an increase in revenue and an increase of returning customers.

Success is not always linked to our titles because let's face it, as small business owners we often hold many titles, but they do not always measure our success and contribute to our savings accounts. We can add all the letters of the alphabet to the suffix of our names, but the real value comes from these organic searches on the first page of Google that include our brand and our products as small business owners. SEOs will set you apart from your competitors and will allow you to remain relevant in your industry.

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1 Comment

Erica Saccoccio
Erica Saccoccio
Oct 23, 2022

This is great advice Steph!! I am so proud to bring new perspectives to our clients and our followers who love busines as much as we do.

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